One Dip Into a 401(k) Often Leads to Another

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  1. One Dip Into a 401(k) Often Leads to Another
    Fidelity, which houses the 401(k) plans of more than 12 million workers, recently studied the behavior of these so-called serial borrowers. It found that this sort of repeat borrowing can put a serious dent in long-term savings, especially if the …
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  2. 401(k) Loans May Hurt Your Bottom Line
    Taking multiple loans from a 401(k) plan will diminish the final account balance significantly, because the money is not invested and people tend to contribute less to their 401(k) while they are paying back the loans. The hypothetical situation below …
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  3. Thailand denies Tony Blair 0k speaker fee
    BANGKOK (AFP) Thailand has denied it will pay former British prime minister Tony Blair $ 640,000 to speak at an upcoming government-sponsored forum in Bangkok on bridging the kingdom's festering political divides. A lawmaker from Thailand's …
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